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Circuit breakers are designed to detect and respond to electrical faults, including short circuits and overloads. When there’s an issue, the circuit breaker interrupts the flow of electricity, cutting off power to the affected circuit. This rapid response avoids overheating, fires and electrical shock hazards. A modern and effective circuit breaker reduces the risk of accidents and injuries and protects appliances by preventing electrical surges. Without proper safeguards, expensive electronics such as computers, refrigerators, televisions and more are susceptible to sudden voltage spikes.

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Unlike traditional fuses, circuit breakers can easily reset after tripping. There’s no need to keep spare fuses on hand. Plus circuit breakers can be customized to protect specific circuits or areas within the home or commercial building. Different circuits can offer varying electrical loads, lessening the threat of overloads. Integrated energy management features work to enhance energy efficiency by helping to monitor and control power consumption. Make sure your property complies with electrical codes and regulations by scheduling with C. Albert Matthews Inc. today. We handle circuit breaker installation of all types anywhere across Cambridge.

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