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C. Albert Matthews Inc. is proficient and experienced in both residential and commercial electrical repair. We’ve provided Easton, Maryland over ninety years of dedication, honesty, and expertise. Give us a call at 410-822-0900 to take a look at whatever type of problem you’ve encountered. Don’t get by with inconvenience or a risky situation. Let’s get the issue resolved properly.

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From common complaints with light fixtures and faulty outlets to anything to do with the breaker box, the best way to prevent a life-threatening jolt is to leave the repairs in the hands of certified experts. We complete a thorough evaluation, explain all options, and are happy to offer knowledgeable recommendations. C. Albert Matthews Inc. achieves the outcome you’re looking for with affordable and conscientious electrical repair, service, installation and retrofit throughout Cambridge.

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Outlet Repair Cambridge, MD | Electrical Repair Easton, MD | Electrician Algonquin, MD

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