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Lutron Smart Lighting Solutions

C. Albert Matthews Inc. is proud to offer a wide variety or lighting solutions from Lutron. Lighting should be easy and customizable based on your specific needs. Leave it to the experts to provide the right lighting solution this fits your unique needs.

Caseta Smart Lighting System from Lutron


Control what you come home to with the smarter timer.

    Works by setting a timer, set the timer once and can be forgotten

  • Automatic scheduling for season changes
  • No need to reprogram for daylight savings or power outages

How it works:

First, the Caseta dimmer must be installed. After this is completed, the smart bridge will be connected to your homes Wi-fi router. Once a secure wireless network is setup, the free Lutron App can be downloaded enabling you to easily control your home’s lighting through scheduled events. Do you want the porch lights on when you pull in the driveway? Do you want the garage lights on for convenience? Forget to turn of the lights in the kitchen before leaving for a busy morning? This is all solved by adding the Caseta smart light system into your home.


Dimmer – Capable of controlling wall and Ceiling Lights
  • Lutron Dimmer does not require a neutral wire which makes it ideal for retrofitting or new construction
  • Compatible dimmable LEDs (up to 150W), and incandescent as well as halogen bulb (up to 600W)
  • Works well with the Pico remotes for additional dimmers in 3-way or mutli-location dimming applications
Dimmer Pro – Capable of controlling wall and Ceiling Lights
  • Works well with approved dimmable LEDs (up to 250 W) and incandescent as well as halogen bulbs (up to 1000W)
  • Also works with MLV lighting (up to 1000 VA)
  • Compatible with Lutron LTE LED drivers, PHPM, and GRX-TVI interfaces
  • Neutral wire is optional (required for MLV and drivers/interfaces)
  • Utilized with Pico remotes or existing toggle switches in 3-way or multi-location applications
Dimmer ELV+
  • Works with all load types – dimmer is phase selective
  • Has a favorite button for preset level on dimmer (matches Pico remote)
  • 500 W ELV/INC/HAL
  • 400 W MLV
  • 250 W LED
  • Neutral wire required
  • 10 W minimum load
  • Use Pico remotes for additional dimmers in 3-way or multi-location dimming applications


Lamp Dimmer
  • Features two receptacles for simultaneous control of two lamps
  • Very easy setup- plugs directly into a standard wall receptacle
  • Compatible with dimmable LEDs (up to 100 W)
  • Also works with halogen and incandescent bulbs (up to 300w)
  • he first lamp dimmer added to smart bridge acts as a clear connect range extender, providing 30 ft. of additional range (limit one per system)


Pico Remote Control – Use the Pico mounted to a tabletop or pedestal, clipped to a car visor, or even mount directly to the wall
  • Provides convenient remote control of your home’s lighting
  • Easily add an additional light switch without having to wire anything
  • Battery powered- features a 10-year battery life
  • Works with Caseta dimmers, switches, and wireless shades
Lutron App


  • The Lutron App makes it easy to control individual lights, shades, thermostats, and speakers in the home or out of the home
  • Lutron’s intuitive interface makes it simple to adjust both lighting and shading
  • Option for instant notifications to be sent to your device that home lights have been left on
  • Geofencing capabilities available in order to automatically turn on lights as you arrive and off when you leave
  • The “Smart Away’ features allows homeowners to pick lights to be left on or off if away for work or vacation

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